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Mission Trips/Service Projects

Here is a summary of last summer's mission expedition:

As representatives of Christ the King (both the Messiah and our congregation) they were so giving in doing God's work. Just think about it, paying for the privilege to sleep on a classroom floor, help prepare meals for the entire team, and happily serve not having any idea what would happen one day to the next. And they were awesome!

Five of our young women (actually seven as I count Rhonda and Betsy as young women as well!) served a program called "Princesses" that teaches young girls discipline, honor, and self-discovery through dance. The leader Gordon is a positive yet strict bundle of energy that demands (and gets) the most out of these girls. Our mission team supported them and kept them moving forward throughout the week. The relationships that built between Grace, Lily, Lily, Kiley, Katelyn, Betsy, Rhonda, and the girls they assisted will not soon be forgotten. Though tiring, it was hard for them to say goodbye.

The rest of the crew led a day camp in Cincinnati's College Hill neighborhood. There was a great variety in ages of children coming through the door as the group came together for breakfast. For the younger ones paint and play-dough were the popular activities while the older kids on site enjoyed some competitive foursquare with the boys. While chaos often seemed just around the corner our young people always kept the children moving into new activities and games. Cody, Makaylee, Melina, Mason, Alec, Karl, and I (PD) were also sad to say goodbye to these remarkable kids.

Our other activities were fulfilling as well. Our far too brief time at the Underground Railroad museum was shocking and eye-opening as we learned of slavery both past and present. Our time together across the river in Kentucky proved enjoyable and bonding as some of our crew played hamsters for a bit; with all of us taking in the purple people bridge across the Ohio River. The free community picnic and gathering was a hit as a certain pastor and his new friend Jack grilled and grilled while our youth helped neighborhood children build harmonicas and launch some pretty awesome rockets!

Finally, the fourteen of us that trekked to Cincinnati would like to thank the people of Christ the King for their financial support, good wishes, and (most importantly) prayers that made this journey so very successful. 

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