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About Us

Christ the King is a vibrant and active worshiping community serving Calumet County. We are growing in spirit and faith as we move forward in ministry to the people around us as we do God's work with our own hands.

In 2013 we called our first rostered leader, Pastor Doug Holtz, to lead us into new and creative ways of seeing God not only inside the church building, but literally everywhere we go. Through the Faith 5 challenge, we are delighted to be working toward ending every day with our families in a time of sharing highs and lows, reminding ourselves of God's word for us, talking about how God's word relates to our lives, praying for each other's trials and triumphs, and blessing one another into a beautiful night's rest.

Our family ministry is important as well, beginning with our youngest faithful and continuing right through retirement years, we are striving to engage all generations both separately as well as together as we learn of Jesus' love and his desire to be with us in community in whatever form that might take.

You are welcome to join us as we build faith together following Jesus' commands to love one another and to love each other. Oh, we may stumble at times along the way, but together we will move forward in faith as the beloved sisters and brothers of Jesus Christ. Come join us on the journey!

N7510 State HWY 114
Sherwood, WI 54169

Phone: (920) 989-5070